Recent Placements

"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality." - Warren Bennis

Food Bank of the Rockies

Denver, CO
Erin Pulling
President and CEO

Hunger Free Colorado

Denver, CO
Marc Jacobson

The Chicago Lighthouse

Chicago, IL
Martha Younger-White
Senior VP of Rehabilitation and Education Services


Flint, MI
Brian Glowiak
Chief Executive Officer

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation

Rachel Petrucelli


Silver Spring, MD
Wanda Johnson
Chief Executive Officer

Space Center Houston: Richard Glover...more

PAWS With A Cause: Michele Suchovsky...more

Indiana Historical Society: Jody Blankenship...more

Community Foundation for Muskegon County: Todd Jacobs...more

Conservation Colorado: Kelly Nordini...more

American Association for Post Acute Care Nursing: Tracey Moorhead...more

Center for Work Education and Employment: Katy Hamilton, CEO...more

Virginia Dental Association: Ryan Dunn, Executive Director...more

Food Resource Bank: Max Finberg, President and CEO...more

Collaboration for Early Childhood: John Borrero, Executive Director...more

Christopher Family Foundation: Clare Butterfield, Executive Director...more