Dr. Holly Whitfield: Executive Director

Dr. Holly Whitfield

Savannah, GA — Scholar-activist, educator and nonprofit leader Dr. Holly Whitfield has been selected as Executive Director of Deep Center, an organization that empowers Savannah’s young people to thrive as learners, community leaders, and agents of change. Dr. Whitfield brings experience that spans nonprofits, academia, and business organizations, and a passion for organizational diversity, equity, inclusion, and access.

Originally, from Indiana, Dr. Whitfield’s career brought her to Florida, St. Croix, Charlotte, and Charleston. She started her career as an elementary school teacher and her passions led her to nonprofit leadership positions in organizations that support health, wellness, and empowerment for youth, seniors, BIPOC communities, and the LGBTQIA+ community.

Dr. Whitfield has also served as a Board Member of the ACLU in North Carolina, and Shepherd Centers of America. In addition to leading nonprofits, Dr. Whitfield has continued her work as an educator, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses at Pfeiffer University, Newberry College, and College of Charleston.

Through creative writing, cultural production, and art, Deep Center creates platforms for the city’s youth and the village of support around them, including their families and adult allies, to share stories, engage in debates, and make Savannah a more just and equitable place. It lifts up youth and their village, advocates for just policies, and disrupts dehumanizing narratives with firsthand stories about youth and their families healing, growing, and thriving through individual growth and collective action. Deep Center also identifies and advocates for administrative and legislative policies that make Savannah a safe place for all young people and their families. For more information, visit www.deepcenter.org