John Lopez: Chief Executive Officer

John Lopez

Boulder County, CO — John Lopez has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Intercambio, an organization providing relationship-based English language instruction with trained volunteers teaching immigrants using a proprietary curriculum that emphasizes interpersonal connection, empathy and understanding.

Lopez will work to strengthen Intercambio’s Boulder County program and scale its reach to better support the 36 million adults across the U.S. who would benefit from Intercambio’s programs. Born in Belize, Lopez holds dual citizenship and identifies with Intercambio’s English learners who describe the “otherness” of being an immigrant integrating in a new culture.

He has a deep passion for organizational leadership and development and increasing the centrality of education for underserved populations. The author of the book An Immigrant in the C-Suite: From the Journey, Lessons for the Business Community, he brings a wealth of experience in education, business, and nonprofit leadership and has led organizations through important growth milestones.

Intercambio is a nationwide organization that provides in-person and online English language instruction programs and trainings where all participants learn from each other's experiences and perspectives. Each year, it sells its unique and results-driven ESL curriculum to approximately 600 partner organizations throughout the U.S, changing the lives of adult immigrants from around the world along with those of their volunteer teachers. Partner organizations regularly seek out Intercambio for technical assistance and guidance, thereby solidifying the organization’s position as a thought leader in the national adult education space. For more information, visit