Jodi Licalzi: CEO and Executive Director

Jodi Licalzi

Littleton, CO – Jodi Licalzi has been promoted to CEO and Executive Director of the Association of Surgical Technologists (AST). Most recently, she has served as AST’s Marketing and Communications Director and has been with AST since 2011.

Licalzi’s extensive experience in marketing and communications covers over 24 years. During her tenure with AST, she also has served as a staff liaison to numerous national committees including the Foundation for Surgical Technology, the AST Reorganizational Committee, the AST Advocacy Committee, and the AST Medical Missions and Outreach Committee, as well as a staff advisor to the AST Board of Directors. She led the charge for and spearheaded the development of AST’s community engagement and web platforms that will allow AST to provide members with relevant and on-demand courses, current tools and resources, and networking and peer-based connections, while also providing AST with crucial data and insights to drive success for its members and the organization.

As the oldest and most widely recognized professional association for surgical technologists, Association of Surgical Technologists’ (AST) primary purpose is to ensure that surgical technologists have the knowledge and skills to administer the highest quality patient care. AST actively promotes education for the profession, legislatively advocates for practitioner recognition, supports state-level constituent organizations, and has committed to students as the future of the profession. In 2023, there were more than 430 accredited programs and AST membership had grown to more than 55,000. For more information about AST, visit