Molly Pereira: Executive Director and CEO

Molly Pereira

Denver, CO — Molly Pereira has been promoted to Executive Director and CEO of the Colorado Dental Association (CDA). As she enters her 21st year at the CDA, Pereira becomes the association’s first female Executive Director and CEO.

Pereira joined the CDA in 2002 and has worked in nearly every facet of the association, most recently as Associate Executive Director and Interim Executive Director. In addition, she serves as the President of the CDA Foundation, the association’s charity arm, and as President of CDA Enterprises, the association’s for-profit company. She also serves on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Mission of Mercy, a portable access-to-care clinic providing free dental care in Colorado to thousands of individuals each year.

During her career at the CDA, she has primarily overseen communications, marketing, association governance and operations, community water fluoridation, advocacy, and volunteer programs.

The Colorado Dental Association (CDA) is a professional membership organization representing nearly 70% of Colorado licensed dentists. It is dedicated to advancing dentistry and advocating for oral health in Colorado, while fostering the success of its member dentists. CDA believes in giving back to the community through its CDA Foundation, an organization that supports CDA’s access-to-care agenda and Dental Health Matters efforts to increase discussions about oral health and the dental profession in Colorado communities and advocate for improvements that increase access to dental care. For more information about CDA, visit