Robert Espinoza: Chief Executive Officer

Robert Espinoza

Washington, DC – Robert Espinoza, a national expert in workforce development, equity, and job quality, has been selected as CEO of the National Skills Coalition (NSC), a national workforce organization that champions economic opportunities for workers, business and industry.

Espinoza joins NSC at a time of high impact when the organization is leading the way on concrete policy changes in D.C. and the states that will grow an inclusive infrastructure workforce, close the digital skill divide, make college work for working people, and build an inclusive, resilient workforce system.

Espinoza has served for nearly a decade as Executive Vice President of Policy for PHI, the nation’s leading organization on the direct care workforce. In this role, he helped essential workers in the long-term care sector achieve better-paying careers and shifted how the industry engages, invests in, and values its frontline workers.

He brings to NSC a commitment to multi-stakeholder organizing and bi-partisan policy solutions and a track record of impact in research, state and federal government relations, advocacy, communications, fundraising and organizational development.

His federal and state policy experience includes testifying before congressional committees, serving on federal agency advisory groups, authoring numerous policy reports across a range of workforce and equity-centered issues, and building trusted relationships with congressional leaders and senior staff on both sides of the aisle. He also has worked directly with small businesses to leverage effective workforce strategies as a way to stabilize and improve operations and achieve greater productivity.

National Skills Coalition (NSC) fights for inclusive, high-quality skills training so that people have access to a better life, and local businesses see sustained growth. It engages in analysis and technical assistance, organizing, advocacy, and communications to improve state and federal skills policies. For more information, visit