Dennis Whittle: CEO and President

Dennis Whittle

Jacksonville, FL – Dennis Whittle has been appointed CEO and President of the Jacksonville Civic Council (JCC), a non-partisan organization that works to promote a fiscally responsible, economically vibrant, and thriving community which offers opportunity for all its residents. As CEO and President, Whittle will be responsible for leading the JCC into the next chapter of its crucial public policy and community work.

Whittle has more than 15 years of experience in public policy, economic development and leadership of large public investment projects in a variety of industries and nearly four decades of experience in global business and economics. He is an experienced founder and CEO of several organizations credited with innovations in international aid, philanthropy and public sector feedback loops, along with experiential education. During his career, he has consulted private companies, foundations and government agencies seeking to remain world leaders in a rapidly changing world.

Established in 2010, the Jacksonville Civic Council brings together chief executives from the nonprofit, business, education and healthcare sectors to make Jacksonville the best city it can be. It comprises more than 70 organizations. By formulating fact-based strategies to address the challenges others are unwilling or unable to address, JCC aims to meet the needs of today and build a future marked by prosperity and success. For more information, visit