Ashish Vaidya: President and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Ashish Vaidya

San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, CA – Dr. Ashish Vaidya has been selected as President and CEO of Growing Inland Achievement (GIA), a regional, collective impact organization that works to achieve educational and economic equity to transform the Inland Empire (San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, CA) through education.

Dr. Vaidya brings to this role expertise in fostering regional economic development, building strong community partnerships and extensive experience in higher education and enhancing student success. His career includes serving as President of Northern Kentucky University and other key roles at California State University, Los Angeles, St. Cloud State University, and California State University, Channel Islands.

His appointment comes at a crucial time for GIA, as the organization supports major initiatives such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Intermediaries for Scale initiative, where GIA facilitates institutional self-assessments, guidance, and technical assistance for Inland Empire colleges.

As a Senior Fellow at the American Association of State Colleges & Universities (AASCU), Dr. Vaidya has been at the forefront of national initiatives, including leading a project focused on articulating why postsecondary institutions must be intentional about serving multiple communities in the regions where they are placed.

Growing Inland Achievement (GIA) serves the Inland Empire region of Southern California—the 12th largest metropolitan statistical area in the U.S., including over 4.7 million residents and over one million students. GIA supports a regional cross-sector network of education, government, nonprofit, and business partners, collectively working to achieve a shared vision of educational and economic success. GIA’s shared vision is that by 2035, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties will be widely recognized for their educated workforce, thriving communities, and vibrant economy that creates prosperity for all. For more information, visit