Seven Steps to Leadership Transition Planning™

Seven Steps to Leadership Transition Planning™ is a first-of-its-kind, one-day workshop designed exclusively for chief executive officers and current board chairs of nonprofit organizations. The corporate sector has successfully implemented succession planning strategies for decades. But, those tools don’t work in the charitable sector. Most nonprofits do not have the financial resources or workforce scale to make succession planning relevant or even affordable. That’s why we developed this workshop.

Seven Steps introduces a unique conceptual framework that specifically addresses the realities and challenges of nonprofit leadership transition. It defines the response strategies and tactics required by the organization in the event of the CEO’s extended absence or permanent departure. It provides a unique method for identifying and assessing potential leaders within the organization. It outlines specific board policies and staff procedures during a transition to maintain the organization’s integrity and services in the community. And it shows you how to integrate leadership transition planning into your overall strategic and organizational risk management planning.

Seven Steps is an advanced, governance learning lab where shared knowledge, experienced-based content and practical management ideas are provided. Our goal is that you come away from this session with the tools to build a comprehensive, continuous plan to ensure the readiness of your board to respond to a planned or unplanned change in top leadership.

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