Sabrina Kaplan: Executive Director

Sabrina Kaplan

Duxbury, MA — The Duxbury Rural and Historical Society (DRHS) has promoted Sabrina Kaplan to Executive Director from DRHS Outreach Manager.

Kaplan brings five years of familiarity with the DRHS mission, programming, and educational and outreach efforts to attract new audiences with inclusive, accessible programs that share various narratives and appeal to individuals from different backgrounds. She has had the primary responsibility for the development of the FY 2022 and 2023 calendars, the creation and execution of event specific logistics, and the management of the volunteers who execute on events planning.

Prior to coming to the DRHS, Sabrina was an educator, teaching middle and high school history, social studies and Spanish, and also worked as a school placement counselor.

Founded in 1833, The Duxbury Rural & Historical Society (DRHS) strives to be a responsible steward of its historic buildings, museum objects, archives and lands. It maintains four historic museum house properties, an archival library, museum collections, and more than 150 acres of land held in conservation. The DRHS also runs approximately 50 programs, events, and rentals each year, in an effort to make Duxbury’s history available to the widest possible audience, from longtime residents to new families and school-age children. For more information, visit