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All Chicago

Chicago, IL

President & Chief Executive Officer

All Chicago prevents and ends homelessness in the City of Chicago through several initiatives including emergency financial assistance, community partnerships, data collection and analysis and training and research. The next President will have the exciting opportunity to help plan and follow through on cross-sector collaboration and systemic solutions to the problems of homelessness.

All Chicago seeks a proven, accomplished leader with a minimum of seven years’ leadership experience and with a passion for reducing and ending homelessness. This values-based individual will bring leadership characterized by unwavering integrity, empathy, an ability to garner broad community support, strong strategic planning skills, and solid financial acumen.

Passion for the Mission: The organization seeks a leader who communicates the agency's mission with enthusiasm. The ability to relate to a wide variety of constituents is essential. The candidate will be able to, in the most optimum and transparent way, establish strong working relationships with service providers, especially with those who are members of Chicago’s Continuum of Care. Comfort with actively cultivating relationships at the top levels of legislative and administrative leadership is a must.

Strategic Planning and Financial Acumen: The successful candidate will have well-honed skills in effective business and operations management of a similarly-sized organization and will have been a catalyst in fulfilling an agency’s vision. Experience in initiating and implementing strategic plans in pursuit of broad goals is expected, as is the ability to envision and pursue system-wide connections.

Building a Strong Internal Culture: Candidates must demonstrate the ability to build and nurture a positive culture that is grounded in a shared vision, vibrant in team work, and supported by mutual respect and an unrelenting pursuit of quality. A proven ability to hire, coach, lead and inspire employees as an effective team is a must.

Exceptional Communications and Relational Skills: The candidate we seek will possess the highest level of oral, written, mediation, partnership and interpersonal communication skills to effectively work with a broad range of individuals and organizations including Board members, professional colleagues, public officials and community partners, as well as the media.

Fundraising: Proven personal success in fundraising is a key requirement. This could include service as a fundraising volunteer, through active solicitation of contributions from individuals, foundations or corporations, and through development of a supportive, diverse board of directors.

A Bachelor’s Degree in a related field is required; a Master’s Degree in management, social services or the equivalent is strongly recommended. Diversity candidates are encouraged to apply.

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