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In addition to providing executive search services for nonprofits, Kittleman offers a suite of organizational consulting services through our Alliance Partners. We can offer expert counsel in areas such as governance best practices, board recruitment, executive coaching, team building, change management and interim CEO services, among others. In order to better address certain issues or engagements where specific expertise is required, one of our Alliance Partners is available to provide such expertise.



Principal and Co-Founder
Carter & Reynolds Group



Steven Delfin & Associates
Advisor to Nonprofits



President Emeritus
Illinois Wesleyan University



J. Harry Wells and Associates
Advisors to Nonprofits

Our Commitment to Diversity

Kittleman seeks to enhance the ability of nonprofit organizations and institutions to achieve their stated purposes by finding leaders with the passion, vision and fortitude to make a difference in the lives of those they serve. Our goal is to recruit the best candidates available in the most reasonable amount of time using best-practice search standards and technology while providing the most cost effective results.

We believe that individuals representing diverse backgrounds, beliefs and perspectives provide us with a greater opportunity to achieve our mission. We believe that diversity encompasses characteristics such as ethnicity, race, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic group and disability.

Kittleman is committed to fostering a company that respects and appreciates diversity in its many forms. We work closely with our client organizations to bring candidates with varying points of views and life experiences to the search process. We hire staff that reflects the broad diversity of our community and that of our client organizations. We retain a diverse group of product and service vendors and we strive to select vendors who are committed to promoting a diverse workplace.

Kittleman believes that our effectiveness is enhanced when people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives are engaged. We believe that in a more diverse community, one that reaches out to all, a richer and more just world exists.